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Through our engagements we will assume the responsibilities of the management and administration of the financial affairs of the company as the chief financial officer. Our primary focus is to develop and implement an effective financial management program. This service is geared toward businesses that are at a stage where an experienced full time chief financial officer is unaffordable. We provide interim or part-time CFO services to develop short and long-term financial plans for clients.

“Managing a high growth enterprise without a CFO would be like a pilot trying to land a 747 in a dense fog without instruments”

What are the benefits?

1. The knowledge and experience of a successful senior financial executive may be obtained by small to mid-size private and public businesses in an affordable manner

2. The engagement is largely performance based

3. We focus our efforts on high priority tasks that produce results that have the greatest benefit to the client’s business

4. We become a member of the client’s team, as a company officer, to ensure that we provide consistent and reliable involvement in all facets of the client’s business

What does a CFO do?

The CFO is the individual responsible for the creation and administration of an effective financial management program involving accounting, budgeting, financial planning, reporting and analysis, internal auditing, insurance, taxes, property administration, financing, cash management and control, financial aspects of employee group insurance and retirement plans, and other financial activities to support the growth of the business. Some specific tasks include:

1. Implementing the entire accounting and financial function

2. Establishing accounting policies

3. Implementing accounting, budgeting and reporting systems

4. Selecting and implementing efficient and responsive information systems

5. Recommending asset management and financing techniques

6. Identifying debt restructuring opportunities

7. Preparing financial presentations for debt and equity placements

8. Identifying business restructuring strategies and opportunities

9. Assuring compliance with SEC reporting requirements and other regulatory agencies

“You need a CFO if you want to achieve rapid growth and be successful on a long-term basis, otherwise, the financial resources may not be available to the business when required”

How will it be accomplished?

We report directly to the client’s president or chief executive officer and board of directors. We serve as the vice president of finance and chief financial officer of the business. Typically, our financial management responsibilities commence upon our familiarity with the client business and its resources and objectives. This takes place usually within the first thirty days of engagement.

Why is this approach successful?

Consultants generally advise and recommend solutions to problems within a client’s business. We take typical consulting arrangements a step further by implementing our recommendations and managing the results. Engaging Couture & Company ensures that financial management tasks are implemented, a necessary component for a business’ financial success.

What will it cost?

Our engagement is composed of monthly fee with mutual agreed upon financial incentives. This fee structure is substantially contingent upon the achievement of a client’s milestones and successes. It offers companies an affordable way of obtaining critically needed senior financial management expertise. The monthly fee is generally one-third the cost of an experienced full-time chief financial officer.

How long will it take to benefit?

Developing and implementing a sound financial management structure varies with organizations, but generally takes between six to eighteen months. A longer engagement anticipates that the client will become a public company and that we will be preparing and filing SEC forms 10-Q’s and 10-K’s following a public offering.

How long will it be necessary to engage Couture & Company?

When the client’s business has grown to a point where it needs a full-time CFO, we will help make this transition and our services will be curtailed. We will readily assist our clients in selecting a full-time CFO and therefore provide a seamless transition of financial management duties.

Seven reasons why high-growth businesses need Couture & Company?

1. To establish financial order, discipline and control of the business

2. To provide uniform financial guidance and forward-looking planning

3. To satisfy the demands of bankers, investors, board members, and shareholders for increased financial accountability

4. To assure that the financial resources are made available necessary to implement the client’s business plan

5. To establish a formal mentoring program and develop financial and judgmental skills of staff members

6. To anticipate potential financial crises before they could affect the business and thereby can be avoided

7. To prepare the business for a successful private placement or public offering