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Every company is unique having different growth stages, challenges, and resources. Couture & Company offers comprehensive CFO services that can be tailored towards the client’s distinct needs in order to develop a solid financial management plan which is necessary in a high-growth company environment. Our approach allows our clients to draw upon our experience and relationships in a cost-effective manner. We can assist you with the following:

Mergers and Acquisitions
Stategic Business Planning
Financial Reporting & Compliance
Profit Maximization
Capital Raising Initatives

Strategic Business Planning
  • Develop sound business planning processes

  • Identify unique company business strategies

  • Develop a comprehensive multi-year financial plan

  • Prepare and implement a comprehensive business plan

  • Tax planning

Financial Reporting & Compliance

  • Assist in preparing SEC filings
    • S-1, S-3 and S-8 registration statements
    • 8-K’s, 10-K’s, 10-Q’s
    • Annual reports and proxy statements

  • Manage and coordinate quarterly reviews and year-end audits with outside CPA firms

  • Recommend and implement internal financial controls for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

  • Establish and implement financial and accounting policies

  • Assume crisis management responsibilities and turnaround implementation

  • Prepare reports that meet reporting requirements
    • Banks and creditors
    • Investors and shareholders
    • Auditors
    • Tax accountants
    • Board of directors
    • Management

  • Develop and implement management information systems
    • Cash management systems
    • Manufacturing cost systems
    • Fixed asset systems
    • General ledger systems
    • Budgeting systems
    • Accounts payable systems
    • Expenditure & purchase order systems
    • Accounts receivable and collection systems
    • Executive reporting systems (dashboards)

Profit Maximization

  • Assess the company’s financial position by conducting a business review

  • Identify potential profit improvement opportunities

  • Recommend asset management and financing techniques

  • Develop organizational structure to maximize productivity

  • Assist with product pricing and profit analysis

Capital Raising Initiatives

  • Prepare financial presentations for debt and equity placements

  • Assist in preparing for and completing private and public offerings

  • Identify debt-restructuring opportunities

  • Arrange introductions and conduct negotiations with lenders, investors, and investment bankers

  • Establish credit facilities with lenders for business expansion

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Develop merger and acquisition plans

  • Develop strategic partner plans

  • Perform due diligence investigations

  • Determine business valuations

  • Structure and negotiate business acquisition transactions